One website, one goal! To let as many people as possible know about the most sociable place of entertainment in Holland; The Irish Pub.

Better known as the crack in Ireland; This phenomenon is growing fast in Holland. Sociable, friendly people, delicious beer and fantastic music are the the base of it's success. Every day the Dutch find their way to a nice Irish pub in the neighbourhood. Sometimes to drink a delicious stout, sometimes to perticipate to the quiz-night, in which you have to answer questions to win appropriate prizes. And offcourse no pub is complete with the (traditional) live music!

On this website you will find every pub in Holland aswell as information about Irland, the Irish and music. Interesting links, funny facts and delicious recipes!

Offcourse you can contact us to plan bachelor parties, a beautiful party for your friends or a pub-tour through Ireland!

Have fun, and we hope to see you soon!!

Do you have any tips, or are you missing a pub on the website? Send us an e-mail and will contact you as soon as possible about the terms.